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Ready to explore 1:1 support to thrive during your first year as a nurse? Book a FREE Discovery call with me!

Build confidence, reduce burnout, & thrive during your first year as a nurse.       

Because feeling supported and prioritizing your own well-being shouldn't come second to the well-being of your patients. 

Nurse Coach headshot wearing green with a white bookcase behind her

Time to Thrive

Confidence building Transformative Nurse Coaching for nervous new graduate nurses

Work | Life Balance

Co-creating healthy coping mechanisms and prioritizing self care with new grad nurses to build confidence and avoid burnout to thrive at the bedside.

REAL Support

Safety and space to process the major transition from student nurse to full time RN

My genuine caring new graduate nurse, I am so glad our paths crossed.

You're in the right place if...

Bedside Nursing... nothing like you imagined it would be. 


...looms over your head before your first year comes to a close. 

Navigating Skills & Policies...

...has lead to nagging self-doubt and lack of confidence in your new role.


...from management and coworkers just isn't enough to process this major life transition.

Work Life Balance...

...feels impossible to attain.

Your "Why I Went into Nursing"...

...Feels far away or disconnected from you.

You're Ready... build confidence through mental reframes and one-on-one tailored support

You're Ready... build health habits and positive coping mechanisms and have an accountability partner to support your efforts.

I see you...

I get you...because I've been you 

Listen, I know all nurses go through this tough transition.


Some new grads handle it better than others and that's okay.


For me, I struuuuuuggled! I moved to a new city in the middle of the pandemic, bought a home, had no friends, and was learning how to be a nurse on top of #adulting. Talk about being at risk for adjustment disorder!! Let's not even talk about all the times I cried in the supply room or med room trying to pull it together before going to see my next patient.  The "will this ever get any easier??" loomed heavily over my head...

Hi, I'm Nell!

Board Certified Health and Wellness Nurse Coach!

After living through a brutal first year of nursing during covid myself, I understand the struggle. I realized new grads are in desperate need of tailored support during their first year as a nurse and I want to be just that -- your biggest cheerleader and accountability partner.


Using the unique transformative nurse coaching process which I've honed during the last two years, I guide clients like you from nervous new grad to confident RN so you can

  • successfully process overwhelm and anxiety when sh*t hits the fan 

  • Speak with confidence to coworkers and patients

  • Decompress and keep work and personal life in balance


I am honored and ready to guide you from nervous new grad to confident RN.

  • We'll start with a holistic assessment to evaluate how all areas of your wellbeing (mental, emotional, financial, physical, spiritual, community, etc) are affecting your ability to transition smoothly during this major change in your life.

  • We'll co-create a safe space to validate your experiences at the bedside and for you to process this transition so you don't have to just cry in the clean supply room and "get back out there" You deserve so much more 

  • We'll then move on to co-creating tangible action steps which make sense for YOU to start thriving at the bedside. 

  • We'll have a weekly or bi-weekly calls to check-in, process, and co-create the next step on your journey to thriving. 

Nurse Coach smiling  with green foliage in the background
Nurse coach smiling in a head shot with dark velvet background
Nurse coaching wearing a green crop top and white biker shorts thriving while reclined on a beach chair
Nell looking away from camera and eating a bagel

What is transformative nurse coaching all about? Find out with FREE Discovery Call


Before receiving coaching from Nell, I was struggling with confidence and becoming overwhelmed at work. I also had crazy blood sugars with no clue of healthy food options that would work with my super busy schedule. Nell was so great to work with! She was able to provide structure when I was struggling to create it myself. She asked very deliberate questions that really made me think. Nell led me to realize that I am more in control of my blood sugar than I ever thought. She has a lot of food knowledge and several references to great new, food related information. She also taught me ways to control my anxiety and build confidence at work, which as a new grad nurse is invaluable. I am so so glad that I was able to work with Nell, and I would definitely recommend others to work with her as well- especially to new grad nurses and those with food or anxiety related goals. 

-Alison B.   New Graduate Nurse

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